Deconstructing your health insurance

By hiveup,

Albeit all Singaporeans and permanent residents, regardless of age and pre-existing health conditions, are automatically provided health insurance, enrolled under MediShield Life, it has limitations.


An unexpected car accident (like Princess Diana), stomach flu (because you ate something you shouldn’t), or physical disability, touch wood, more often than not, may leave you with some form of loss. Apart from the hefty medical or even hospitalisation bills, you may or may not be at your maximal potential form to be ready for work. In such tough times, the variety of health insurance policies available will help you and your family tide through the financial ordeal. While some policies help cover the cost of medical treatment, others provide cash to make up for the income loss while you are unable to work.

If you’ve yet to cover yourself today, what are you waiting for! Reach out to us at to understand more.

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