Podcast Episode 03 – What is Failure or Success When No One is Undefeated?

By hiveup,

Qiuyan Tian and I were joined by a guest (and friend!) today, Melvyn Yeo. Melvyn had a successful, decade long career at Goldman Sachs, prior to co-Founding ThirdRock Group and TRIREC. Melvyn is an experienced investor and startup founder and has been a mentor to Qiuyan during both her institutional and startup career. His insights during this episode were invaluable.

We discussed what constitutes failure and success, driven by a conversation that Quiyan had with a startup friend of hers. At some level, failure is an outlook one has…and getting comfortable with it actually helps drives one’s success.

We also followed up with Qiuyan on the first public event she and her Hive Up team produced, Finance 101. By all accounts, it went well…but there are always things to learn and improvements to be made.

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