Hive Up’s Mini Guide to Life Stage Planning.

By Gibs,

So, you’ve understood the importance of financial literacy, and have the correct mindset to jumpstart your journey. Here’s a great place to start as we cover some common life stages as we give you a taste of details to take note of.

Tip: You need not read any of these articles chronologically, just pick what jumps out to you the most, and take your time to discover the rest.

Financial Literacy — Jumpstart Your Journey… Yesterday!


If you haven’t already, start with 5 simple tips on improving your financial literacy. It’s important to get your mindset right from the get-go.Read the article

Fresh Out of School and Into the World of Financial Planning


Next up, read up on good practices and important notes as you enter the workforce and get your first paycheck, including:

  • Build an emergency fund for the rainy day
  • Plan your goals
  • Think growth

Read the article

How much do Singapore Weddings cost?


Weddings can sound big, daunting and expensive, but it may not have to be. Learn what truly is important to you rather than having to follow a trend. Get to know what things to budget for, tips for selection, and even if you need to get insurance coverage.Read the article

The Real Cost of Raising a Child in Singapore


Considering having a family? Outlined in our next article are considerations every new family should work through as well as a few tangible strategies to cut costs and maximize benefits available to you.Read the article

Retirement Planning, CPF Won’t Cut It


Lastly, retirement is something one is not too young to think about. The earlier you have a perspective of it, the better the outlook you can have to plan your life goals with confidence. Check out this article to get your basics covered, and also have a brief introduction to how your investment portfolio might change when the time comes.Read the article

Do you have other life stages you would like us to cover? Comment below or write to us and we’d love to help!

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