Podcast Episode 22 – Information Is Everywhere

By hiveup,

Qiuyan and Michael talked about how Skype makes every conversation start with, ‘Can you hear me?’

Last week she spent a day or so on a beach while Michael went and sat in the park for an hour.  It felt like the end of the summer made them both need a bit of a break.  Even with the break, they both could stop thinking about business.  Then again, there is always brain-fog…

Hive Up is developing a way to help its customers read the news more critically and to form a proper market view.  They also talked about the CRAP test and that evaluating the things they read is almost as important as reading them in the first place.  The entire philosophy around content creation for Qiuyan is to be curious, ask questions and think critically about what you are reading.

Teaching in general is not prescriptive…and teaching how to invest is very much not prescriptive.  They talked about how some of the best investors have a simple investment philosophy…’Buy what you know and what you are already using’.  Michael also shared his story about a friend that bought Apple stock back in 2001…he did not.

They went through an article written by Wealth In Asia on trading and investment guidelines.  The article focuses on some simple investment rules including diversification, strategy, market timing, cash flows and trading costs.

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